Three Ways You Can Monetise Your Laziness

Three Ways You Can Monetise Your Laziness

No one likes to admit it, but the truth is that most of us are inherently lazy. We like to dissociate ourselves from the word “laziness” because we have been made to believe that it’s a negative personality trait.

Even in our subconscious, we automatically recoil from the concept of laziness.  There is more to laziness, however, than just sitting around and doing nothing.

Many believe that social media and technology have significantly pushed people to be lazy, and that this generation is the laziest to have ever existed, but there is more to laziness than the stigma attached to it, even though most of the facts known about laziness are speculative at best.

There has been no substantive support as to whether it was Bill Gates or Walter Chrysler who said that, “whenever there is a hard job to be done, I assign it to a lazy man; he is sure to find an easy way of doing it”.  This quote gives us a better insight into the world of a lazy person.

The lazy person isn’t just the one who sits around doing nothing; rather, they are the one who finds easier and better ways to achieve a set objective, the objective being here to make money. I would rather work smart than work hard.

The world we now live in has made laziness marketable and very much profitable.

Your laziness will pay off if you can grab hold of these few opportunities shared below.

 Make Use of Social Media and Technology

There have been debates as to whether social media has done more harm than good to us, but that is not the focus today. Many people also say that social media has made many of us stupid and lazy.

These assumptions may be true to an extent, but what most people ignore is that social media and technology as a whole has made some people millionaires, if not billionaires. Popular artists like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Allessia Cara and The Weekend got their breakthroughs after being discovered by someone influential on YouTube.

Maybe you’re neither an artist nor a model, maybe you don’t even have anything to put up for sale on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Marketplace, but I’m sure you enjoy posting pictures and chatting with people. This means that there’s hope for you to make money while you do the thing you enjoy doing.

According to, an entry level social media manager earns an average salary of $44,395 per year. As a social media manager, all you need to do tweet, post, and respond to clients while you sit on your couch eating cereal or pizza.

Sell Your Used Clothes

Yes, you read that right. Lazy people, like many other people, have been known to have a taste for designer clothes, bags and shoes. They are always quick to go for the new cool and trendy designers, leaving the old ones behind.

Instead of allowing these designer brands to gather dust in your wardrobe, or have your siblings and friends take them for free, why not sell them and make some cash?

The good thing about selling your old clothes is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your bed to sell them. All you need to do is open an account on websites that offer these services and upload pictures of your wardrobe. Before you know it, you’re making cash from just being at home.

Real Estate Investment

The real estate industry is arguably one of the best marketplaces to invest in. Most people have funds saved up in the bank, property inherited from family members that they aren’t necessarily using, while some even have houses they built but, because we can’t occupy more than one house at a time, they have their other houses unoccupied.

You should probably consider putting some of your personal property up for rent on sites like  The Little House Company. This way, you can make money off your property even when you aren’t necessarily “working”.

You are even luckier if you have your property in a wealthier area and, if you don’t, it’s high time you take the money you have kept in the bank out to acquire one in a high-value area.

The good thing about investing in real estate is that you can quit your daily 9-5 job that you so much despise to stay home and sleep all day while your money accumulates from the properties you have placed on lease. Once you get it right, real estate investment is a steady source of income that doesn’t involve you sweating before you can make money.

If you’re lazy, real estate is one of the best investments for you, because it allows you to earn while doing little. Isn’t this what we all wish for in life?


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