Taking Wealth into Your Own Hands; 4 Critical Wealth Building Skills

Taking Wealth into Your Own Hands; 4 Critical Wealth Building Skills

Have you heard about the story of a village whose members constantly complained about the unfair wealth distribution? It is key to understanding the mindset of a wealthy person.

It goes like this:

Long ago- nobody really knows when- in a remote Chinese village of farmers, merchants and regular village folk, there was a big divide between the rich and the poor. Every day, the poor complained to the King about the unfairness of their situation. The rich seemed to be getting richer as they continued to suffer in penury.

One day, the King, tired of their complaints, called for all the villagers to assemble in his courtyard. They were to come with all their cash possessions; every man and woman, rich or poor.

When they assembled, the King proceeded to gather all their money and share it equally among the subjects. Of course, measures were taken to ensure nobody held out on their money. Much to the chagrin of the wealthy, the poor were happy, for they felt their problems had been resolved now that everybody had an equal share of the village’s wealth.

A year later the King gathered his subjects again and asked how they were faring, financially. Alas! They had reverted to status quo. Those who were rich prior to the wealth sharing were rich again, while the poor, were once more poor -if not, poorer.

The King explained to them that wealth was not a physical condition but a mental one, and if anybody wanted to be rich, they should first acquire the mindset of a wealthy person.

Developing a wealth mindset

Many people fail to establish this in their pursuit for wealth and financial freedom. Instead of thinking big, we often chase short-term riches as the villagers did. It will only take you so far.

The following tips can help you in your journey to financial freedom:

  1. Have a big “Why”

Why do you want to be rich? What is your driving force? If you want to be rich because you like the idea of flying a private jet you probably won’t get very far. Conversely, if your goal is to change the world as Steve Jobs planned, your vision can take you far.

  1. Banish your limiting wealth beliefs

In the story, the villagers posited that the rich were rich because they were dishonest, and life was unfair. This prevented them from acting wisely when they got an equal share of the wealth. They soon sunk in their usual poverty. Think optimistically.


  1. Surround yourself with wealthy people

As a follow-up to 2, the company you keep can influence your lifestyle. Do you spend more time with people who are satisfied in their comfort zone? Ambition can be infectious, so is optimism. Being amongst wealthy, optimistic people can motivate you positively.

  1. Surround yourself in “wealth reminders”

Wealth reminders are those things that keep your eyes on the goal. If your vision is to be a world class artiste, then surrounding yourself with achievements and positive associations of world class artistes will keep you on track. Wealth reminders could be by your bedside table, on the kitchen fridge or even the bathroom mirror.

Finally, understand that wealth is not synonymous with happiness. And you can be wealthy by simply being successful at what you do.

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