Make Your Money Work For You

Make Your Money Work For You

There are a lot of hardworking people in the world- the ones that wake up before the crack of dawn and sleep at midnight with barely any rest. We all know one person that still have to struggle between bills and may be worried that they might have to work through their retirement years.

While hard work may make you rich, creating wealth requires more. To maximise your wealth, you must make money work for you.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. –Ayn Rand

For anyone hoping to make their work hours count while sustaining a good standard of living, you need to be committed to creating wealth- a lifestyle that is set to yield results.

This isn’t a call for you to enslave yourself solely to making money, but you must be able to find a balance that allows you to enjoy the other things that life has to offer.

The average person aspires to getting a well-paid job that can sponsor a decent lifestyle and perhaps guarantee a secure retirement but there is always more to get out of life.

It isn’t enough that you are comfortable or that you have very large fixed deposits. There are a lot of opportunities that you can explore that can provide better returns and you will also encounter other people doing them.

What hold many of us back from trying out new things are the many uncertainties of life.

What If I Lose All Of My Money?

Nothing good happens without an amount of risk. We fall in love without being able to tell if the other person loves us as deeply as we love them. Life can be a gamble.

What You Should Do

The richest people in the world are not necessarily the hardest workers. They are people who have been able to identify a problem, and act on it; or the ones who have dared to go where many of us wouldn’t dare to go.

  • You have to provide value. Deeply think about what people need and devote yourself to finding a solution based on that. Quite frankly, it is as simple as that. Sometimes we are too busy thinking about creating something new that we sleep on innovative ideas that can improve the things we already have. Take the improvements in computers for instance; software engineers keep blowing our minds with innovation and in turn, we keep shelling out money- making them very rich.

Mobile apps are also very great money-makers, create apps that people will want to use, like UBER and LYFT.

It could even be in the area of consultancy- sharing knowledge that people want to pay for.

Bill Gates

  • If you cannot come up with great ideas, invest in people that can and own part of their business. Do not be that person that stumbled on an insanely brilliant idea but was to chicken to key into it. Do you know how many businesses that Bill Gates has interest in, or other prominent wealthy people around?


Why keep money when it can be multiplied. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should gamble all your savings away. What I am saying is that you need to invest. After all, if you had £2000 in the 1950s, you would have been able to buy a decent house and probably rework the interior decoration, but the value of £2000 has since reduced over the years.

Money is a means towards an even better end. Let your money work for you. Don’t be limited by your thoughts.

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