The Digital Web Habits of Successful People

For many people, the internet is a place to interact, seek latest trends and possibly meet their significant other- the list is endless. But while there is nothing wrong with these activities, if you wanted to tailor it towards a more productive lifestyle, what would you do?

This post takes on the concerted efforts of highly successful people, and how they leverage the internet for more rewarding outcomes.

Meeting business partners

Let’s say your company makes a product or delivers a service aimed specifically at the 1% rather that the 99%, or wealth management or a luxury family retreat. How would you find your customers? The internet is an ideal place to begin.

You could target ads in exclusive sites they visit, partner with influencers in their networks or join online business forums where they mingle. Successful people don’t miss an opportunity to network, whether offline or online and the internet presents the perfect place to do so.

Monitor financial investments

If you are an avid investor, you’ll want to be abreast with your stock performance. Staying informed is key to knowing whether you should acquire or dump a potentially underperforming stock. You’ll probably have channels like Bloomberg and CNBC running on the go.

Even if you have the financial news sites running, the trading platforms are available 24-7 with new deals waiting to be picked. Timeliness is an important aspect of investing, and if you are behind on information regarding your portfolio, it could cost you dearly.

Online banking

Monitoring financial investments often leads to making transfers or receiving pay-outs. Both activities are performed online and across banks. It is not common to see the top wealthy people walk in and out of banks, unless it is extremely necessary. They either have their managers do it, or they complete it themselves via secure online payment systems.

With modern payment platforms, financial technology has advanced the cashless banking system. Installing a simple app on your phone enables you to conduct major financial transactions via cloud. This way, they can save time and bank in the convenience of their homes.


Conduct work related research

Some wealthy people pay research companies to handle their profiling or consumer behaviour research. While this is effective and frees up time for them to do other things, it doesn’t stop many of them from doing their own homework.

Backing paid results with inherent knowledge is a big plus. It makes it easier to benchmark competitors, understand the target market and manage other important business information. However, research isn’t always limited to business- discovering new food recipes, deciding on the next country for a vacation and making health inquiries make up other internet research activities.




Digital life is not all work and no play. The wealthy invest significantly in activities such as sports betting and online entertainment, including organising exclusive dates. Sports betting is more common online especially as casino apps have sprung up more on mobile. While the traditional gamblers visit the actual casinos, the more tech-savvy players prefer to do so online.

Other forms of entertainment include card games, trivia, looking up high school contacts and college alumni information.


It’s hard to meet a successful person who doesn’t like to read. Knowledge obtained from books can inform positive actions, such as managing one’s lifestyle and business to other important activities. Online reading has eliminated the need to stockpile hard copy libraries. Technology such as Kindle and Goodreads have made it possible to build virtual libraries online.

The digital web can also be used to organise book clubs, fundraisers, and perform corporate social responsibilities for the community.

Whatever takes up most of your web activity is up to you, as long as you derive value, and use it to impact the society positively.

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